Cassiopeia is to date Laurette's biggest role. Thus it's only fitting that the character gets her own "bio".
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  • Before the Cylon Attack
Not much is known about Cassiopeia's history. From The Long Patrol, we know that, as a child, Cassie sent out messages in an old Aeries Merchant code. Her father, presumably, was either a trader hailing from Gemoni, or was an Aerian, himself. Nothing is known about her mother. Before the attack, Cassiopeia made her living as a "socialator," a profession apparently looked down upon by Colonial society.

Prior to the attack, Cassiopeia was involved in a relationship with Commander Cain, in the wake of the death of Cain's wife. Cain's daughter, Sheba, took offense to the relationship, as evidenced in The Living Legend.
  • After the Cylon Attack
Cassiopeia survived the holocaust, and escaped the devastation of the colonies aboard the freighter Gemini, where her profession brought her into conflict with the other Gemons onboard, who wanted to throw her off the ship.

Starbuck, however, intervened, and escorted Cassiopeia, who had suffered a broken arm during her escape, to the Galactica for medical treatment. The two were immediately attracted to one another, and proceeded to an empty launch tube to make out... only to be thwarted by a jealous Athena who, after observing the pair on the monitor, initiated a steam purge of the tube.

Starbuck later rescued Cassiopeia once again after being capture by the flesh-eating Ovions on the planet Carillon.

Upon her return to the Galactica, Cassiopeia gave up being a socialator, and began training under Dr. Salik to become a Medtech.

Cassie's precarious relationship with Starbuck, who continued to express interest in Athena, was underscored in the episode The Long Patrol, as Starbuck attempted to wine and dine both ladies in separate "private rooms" aboard the Rising Star. Starbuck's antics were exposed when the two ladies literally ran into each other in the corridor; each holding a rank insignia Starbuck had given them to "remember him by." Cassiopeia was instrumental in reversing roles and helping to save Starbuck by breaking the Aerian Merchant code in that same episode.

She turned the tables on Starbuck once again in The Living Legend, when she was reunited with Commander Cain. As Starbuck felt the cold stab of jealousy, Sheba visibly expressed her disdain for Cassiopeia and her relationship with Cain. It was not until Cassiopeia accompanied the strike team on Gamoray and treated Sheba's wounds that the relationship between two began to heal. Cassie also proved instrumental in saving Adama's life in the episode Fire In Space.

Starbuck and Cassie continued to grow closer, leading Starbuck to admit to Chameleon in The Man With Nine Lives that she was the only woman to whom he'd ever seriously considered becoming Sealed. To protect the man she loved, and at Chameleon's request, Cassie suppressed the fact that Chameleon was Starbuck's father. She further asserted herself into Starbuck's life in Murder on the Rising Star by urging him to plead self-defense. The prosecution later manipulated her into testifying against him.

She was also crucial in the escape of Michael and his crew in Greetings From Earth, and assisted in the search for Starbuck when he became lost in a maze of passages beneath the surface of Paradeen.

Starbuck got his "Commander Cain payback" in Take the Celestra when Aurora, a pre-Cylon Attack love interest of Starbuck's, reappeared after having been thought dead. When Starbuck returned to her at the end of the episode, Cassiopeia noted that she "knew he would come back."

The final burial of the Sheba/Cassiopeia antagonism came in the final episode of the series, The Hand of God. Cassiopeia and Starbuck joined Sheba and Apollo in an excursion to the Galactica's celestial chamber, where they intercepted a signal Apollo believed to have originated from Earth. Cassie demonstrated much concern and angst for Starbuck's safety as he and Apollo boarded a Cylon basestar in an attempt to neutralize its defenses.
  • Notes
Cassiopeia was originally supposed to have been "eaten" on Carillon, but the producers decided to make her a regular character on the series.

Cassiopeia's transformation from socialator to Medtech came at the express command of ABC, who apparently weren't any fonder of her previous profession than the Gemons aboard the freighter.

Cassiopeia is the name of a constellation that can be seen in the northern hemisphere, near the star of Polaris (brightest star in Ursa Minor at the end of the handle of the "little dipper").

"Cassie" is the name of a tropical American thorny shrub/small tree with fragrant yellow flowers used in the production of perfumery.
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