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Help send a student athelete to Europe!
Written By: 02-09-09

Melodie Lawrence is the daughter of a good friend of mine. She is a competitive swimmer, and she has the opportunity to compete this summer in Austria through the "People to People" organization. LauretteSpang.com is pleased to join Colonial Fleets, 3d Gladiators, and Dirk Benedict Central, in helping sponsor her in this endeavor.

Every penny donated will go for her expenses for this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

To learn more, see a few photos of Melodie competing, and to contribute, click the following link:

Melodie's Page

Or - ask me!

Let's help make it happen.

John Pickard
Webmaster, LauretteSpang.com

Merry Christmas!!
Written By: 12-25-08

On behalf of Laurette and all of us here at LauretteSpang.com, we wish you all the best of the Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

John Pickard

Galacticruise, and watch Molly!
Written By: 07-31-08

Hi, everybody!

We’ve got a couple things to tell you about. First, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about September’s Galacticruise – the 30th Anniversary event celebrating the 1978 premier of Battlestar Galactica – and whether or not Laurette would be attending. Well, even though it sounds like a good time, and we know a lot of BSG fans will be there, Laurette simply can’t. As much as the rest of us might want it otherwise, the ship will sail without her. I really am sorry, but that is the final answer.

Now, I don’t think it’s any secret that Laurette’s daughter, Molly, is following in her parents’ footsteps and is acting. She’s been involved with the “Stagedoor Manor” group, and was recently in their production of “Rent”. Want to see her in action? Just go to YouTube.com, type “Molly McCook” in the search box, and you’ll find it (along with some clips of earlier performances). In the coming days, too, more of her performance this year will be posted there.

I recommend checking it out. Molly is good!

So – keep checking back for more news and information. Enjoy!

John Pickard

New Look, New Images, New....
Written By: 06-27-08

Welcome to the newly re-worked and re-vamped LauretteSpang.com!

We're very grateful to our old and dear friend, Darrell Lawrence (LoneWolf Grafix), for working up this fantastic new look, the new intro sequence, and a new Gallery - which has newly obtained images from throughout Laurette's career.

And you can now become a member of our Gallery, download images to your own computer (for your own personal non-commercial use, please), and leave tasteful and complimentary comments about your favorite roles and pictures.

We have also updated our forums to a more secure, easy-to-navigate software package, so if you would like to join our little community you're more than welcome to register, and join us for breakfast in the Star Lounge.


John Pickard
Webmaster, LauretteSpang.com

'Tis the Season
Written By: 12-22-07

All of us at LauretteSpang.com wish all of Laurette's fans and friends the best the holiday season has to offer. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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