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3 April 2006
A red letter day of sorts. I'm going to stop procrastinating and update my website at last. It's been a very busy year. I believe the last time I wrote was after my trip to Birmingham England. That trip was so spectacular. Another example of the Battlestar Galactica gift that keeps on giving! Here's a teaser for you. Imagine 13 people squeezed into a fabulous stretch limousine for 3 hours driving the countryside of the United Kingdom. Also imagine this if you will..seated at the back was Richard Hatch who is possibly the gentlest soul I know. Then there's the gorgeous and all grown up Noah Hathaway.. I used to babysit him during our Galactica days..GASP!!! I had an age crisis right there in that limo. So there were Apollo and Boxey taking turns pouring glassfuls of our rather large bottle of champagne...I was seated next to the adorable Aaron Douglas of (dare I say it?) the new, gritty Battlestar Galactica. We became great friends on this trip and he's a really an amazing guy. Annie Lockhart (who was not on this particular limo ride) and I had a grand time reciting limericks in the hotel bar with Aaron and our friends Rachel and Mark Turner who were helping out with the convention in Birmingham. I have lots to tell you about Mark and Rachel later.

I seem to be doing a stream of consciousness thing here so hang on. This particular trip to England definitely stirred some fires between the old and the new Galacticas. (A bit of suspense for you!) I really think there was a great deal learned on both sides from this trip and we all came away better for it.

Back to the limo...to my right was Star Trek's Walter Koenig who was a most charming addition as he regaled us with tales of his adventures with George Takei at their first conventions. We were all in stitches. Also to my right was jovial Jack Stauffer. He had a pretty horrendous migraine though so wasn't his usual bouncy self. Further back was my pal and Galactica music master Stu Phillips..I just love Stu. John and I are lucky enough to live near Stu and his beautiful wife Dori so we try to keep up with an occassional dinner. John Dykstra and his wife Cass also live a few blocks from us as do director Alan J. Levi and his wife Sondra.

And last but certainly not least on that long limo ride was the now sleeping Herb Jefferson. It was an exhausting weekend for all. Yes, there were a few others which I'm horrified to say at this moment I cannot recall. Richard and I got them to stop briefly so we could attempt to find restrooms somewhere. We wandered into a mall that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. Richard and I tried our luck at one of those crazy machines that you put money in then manuever the mechanical arm to win a prize. In this case a rather natty looking stuffed animal. Nevertheless, Richard was my knight errant and tried to grab the one I wanted. No such luck despite his valiant efforts. I swear that machine was rigged.

We spent a few hours in the charming little town of Swindon where we all signed autographs in the memorabilia store of our host Steve Goss. Local press were there for interviews and we all had a grand time. We were all exhausted by this time and anxious to get to our hotel for sleep but cozied up in the back room to talk a bit with the press. In the middle of our session in strides Dirk Benedict. We all laughed at his ability to 'make an entrance' and seemingly inhale all of the focus in the room. In truth he'd been accidentally left behind at the hotel as his flight had come in at a different time than the rest of us. Oops. A humbling experience for our Starbuck. I must say that no matter how much time goes by, our little Battlestar family just picks up where it left off. Most of us communicate through emails and the occassional phone call. Terry Carter who came in later that night from Norway is always in touch. He's a brilliant businessman as well as a wonderful actor. I feel we've sort of put him in a patriarchal role after Lorne Greene passed away.

It was really something to have all of us seated in a long row..actually an "L" so that we had a corner in the convention hall, each of us with a huge poster behind us. It was exciting to meet so many fans from other countries..each having stories of their own about their experiences watching Battlestar Galactica. Many with questions about the new show as well.

I'll write in a week or two about that controversy and some of the friction it created. Also can't wait to tell you about the 'day off' when Annie Lockhart and I went to visit the famous Stonehenge and then off to Stratford Upon Avon with our new friends Rachel and Mark Turner. Have a safe and happy week.

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